As you may know by now, here at Amtek Plastics UK Ltd, we are very proud of our British heritage, and when we are asked to help our clients re-shore their tooling from the Far East back to the British shores, we are more than happy to help. We are seeing this trend picking up momentum more and more for many different reasons. 

With the service levels and communication difficulties dealing with the Far East, many manufacturers prefer to have a greater level of communication with their suppliers - this helps remove the 'unknown'. Also, the cost differential that used to exist between manufacturing and labour costs in the Far East compared to the higher cost within the UK have now as good as vanished, therefore these cost savings have now been eradicated. Lead times are also a million miles away from the service offered from the Far East, we are able to offer a next day delivery anywhere in the UK for our clients, and comparing this to the standard 3 month lead time to ship a consignment from the Far East, this dramatically helps our clients supply chain as well as their cash flow! 

So all in all, this has been a fantastic start to the year, not only for Amtek, but for our clients too, who will benefit from greater communication, excellent manufacturing costs and a professional and reliable supply chain. Cash flow and cost savings have also been achieved, and our clients can now sleep at night without the worry of dealing with the Far East.

#UK Manufacturing At Its Best !!!!!