Low Volume - High Precision

In addition to our high-volume manufacturing services we can also provide low volume plastic injection moulding for high precision, quality products for industries such as aerospace, automotive and defence sectors.

Over recent years as our business develops, we are receiving a greater number of enquiries for lower volume production but where the quality of the finished item is high. We have been working on some amazing projects for low volume specialist vehicle manufacturers within the general automotive sector as well as the motorsport arena. The same also applies to the specialist aerospace and defence sectors, where the volumes may not be as high as we are used to, but the quality of the tooling used to produce the pasts is imperative.

The machinery and skill level need to be at a certain standard to ensure the part quality and dimensions are exactly right. Working with engineering grades of material takes specialist experience and machinery components so this kind of work is not always as straight forward as one would think. It is exciting to know that we play a small but vitally important role within these marketplaces. 

Simply call us now on 01626 830113 to have a conversation to see if we can help you with your low volume, high precision injection moulding.

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