Defence & Aerospace

As a bespoke plastic injection moulding company, we manufacture plastic products for most industry sectors; however, we like to think that we have a distinct advantage in manufacturing products for aerospace and defence clients.

If you are a business in the aerospace or defence industry that is looking for high levels of communication, technical and precise injection moulding and the expertise to be able to offer advice backed by years of experience, then Amtek Plastics UK could be right for you and your business.


Precision Injection Moulding for Aerospace & Defence 

Injection moulding is widely used within the defence and aerospace industries due to its precise nature and identical replications. Plastic injection also enables tight control over the thermal and mechanical properties and ensures dimensional stability for the finished components which is a vital element to products manufactured for aerospace.

The quality of the finished product for aerospace and defence applications is crucial and we strive for perfection every time. We have obtained ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for the quality of our manufactured products and are constantly improving our processes so that we can exceed our clients’ expectations every time.


Our Injection Moulding Services & Materials

There is a huge variety of materials to choose from, and by discussing your component requirements with us we will be able to help you to prioritise the properties that are important for the success of your aerospace and defence injection moulding products - whether it is flame resistance, UL ratings, strength, durability etc. All our material suppliers offer the complete range of Quality Management to include the vital information on data sheets.

We have the tooling capability and manufacturing machinery to create technical parts, from cabin interiors and fixing elements to bearings and switch gears. All carried out by our team of experienced, passionate and skilled engineers to fulfil a wide range of requirements.


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