From Concept To Creation

Design for Manufacture

We are able to work alongside businesses to design products for ready to be manufactured. This is a very technical area where attention to detail is vital. Expert advice is offered to produce a design which is suitable for product manufacture. 3D CAD modeling and analysis, product visualisation through to prototyping is all essential in this vital stage of bringing a new product to market.

Product Design
3D Modeling


We are able to offer you whatever grade of mould tooling you would like for your product, with the service to match. We deal with tooling from within the UK, Europe & The Far East. We are in full control of the tooling process to ensure that you receive the very best quality for the budget you are working to.

Mould Tooling


Once the tooling has been manufactured and tested, it is then time to produce your component or item. Using a variety of machines, we are able to produce batches with plastic injection moulding manufacturing capacity from 40 to 480 tons in pressure. Once started, thousands of your product will be rolling off our conveyor belts. 

Plastic Injection Moulding
UK Manufacturing

Assembly & Packaging

Once your product has been manufactured, we are able to assemble your item, and also complete the production cycle through to final packaging, ready for distribution.

Assembly & Packaging


Distribution & Warehousing

If you require a supplier that assists in the management of your stock, and ensure that your minimum stock levels are always adhered to, then our purpose built distribution centre is perfect for you. Our clients are able to log in via a secure section on this website, to access information relating to their stocks held here at Amtek. They are able to call off stock, and even re-order via this section of our site. We operate a full warehouse management system to ensure our client is never without.

Product design for manufacture From product conception to creation with Amtek Plastics Product design through to product manufacture with Amtek Plastics