Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and HVAC

We work in partnership with businesses within the air conditioning, refrigeration and HVAC industries to help design, develop, manufacture and distribute their products and components throughout the UK and globally. 

Amtek Plastics UK has developed from a generic plastic injection moulding supplier into a company that is focused on continual improvement both internally and most importantly customer facing for our client base. Over recent years the level of customer enquiries within the more technical arena has been increasing dramatically. We are already working with some of the leading HVAC companies and we are looking to increase this side of the business over the coming years.


Our Manufacturing Services

With our extensive experience and knowledge of precise technical plastic injection moulding and mould tooling, our team are here to help you choose the most suitable tooling manufacture for your specific plastic product or component. In addition, our trained and experienced team of process engineers and production managers have the skill set and expertise to support you through the material selection stages of your projects. 

We have some of the best single shot precision injection moulding machines, these machines have been designed and developed over many years with Austrian craftsmanship. One area in which we take great pride in, is our ability to over-mould components with either TPE's or TPU's. We can offer everything that a high precision technical manufacturer or developer could theoretically require - from product assembly, packaging, warehouse storage and national distribution facilities. 


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