Independent Team & Driver Champions

Published: 1st Oct 2018

Yesterday saw the close of the 2018 British Touring Car Championship, and it also saw the awesome power of Tom Ingram who is the 2018 Independent Drivers Champion, and Speedworks Motorsport who are the 2018 Independent Teams Champions.


Tom Ingram came second in the overall championship which is a simply amazing job when battling the bigger teams with bigger, manufacture back budgets. It is so easy to say, ‘what if’, with there being occasions this season where if luck had of been on Speedworks side, the points could have been so much different come the final race – but that is motor racing for you!


What is obvious here is the determination of EVERY member of the Speedworks team to be the best at what they do, and this is evident with the results for this year’s championship. You have to remember that Team BMW have 3 cars, 3 drivers (well, 4 now!) all who are there to share knowledge, the backing of BMW and the finances that come with a team like this. Speedworks have one car, one driver and are truly independent, only able to run with the backing of their sponsors, and I can only speak on behalf of Amtek, but we are so very proud that the team, or family of Speedworks, for the results they have achieved in this years British Touring Car Championship. Even on weekends where all seemed to be lost, Tom and the team would pull something out of the bag to amaze the crowds, and that is why Tom won the Dunlop MSA Forever Forward Standings for making the most overtakes all season.


#1 – Independent Drivers Champion of 2018

#1 – Independent Teams Champions of 2018

#1 – Dunlop MSA Forever Forward Standings


Not bad, hay? Looking forward to see what 2019 brings!!

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