Ingram leads the Championship #BTCC

Published: 30th Apr 2018

After another superb performance from all of the team at Speedworks MotorSport and some gripping driving from Tom Ingram, the team are leading the championship heading in to the third race meeting of the year to be held at Thruxton on the 20th May.

With maximum ballast and the hard tyre, race one was never going to be a simple affair, and this was the case with Tom bringing his Toyota Avensis back in a respectable 14th position. This enabled Tom to get rid of the success ballast he was carrying for race one, and get back to the faster tyre, and with some amazing moves, Tom did what he is best at and got to the front and took the chequered flag for the race 2 win. Race 3 saw Tom back to 75 kilos back on his car, and bringing it home in one piece and an 8th position gave Tom & Speedworks the point they all needed to go into the third race meeting of the year leading the championship.

Thruxton is the quickest track on the BTCC calendar, and this is a track that is suited perfectly to the Avensis. Some say that this track will be perfect for the Hondas, and there are certainly enough of those this year, but Tom always seems to pull something special out of the bag at Thruxton. Fingers crossed for some amazing sunshine too! 19 days to go!

Ingram leads the Championship #BTCC Socialise with us