South West England: The nation’s forgotten industrial region

Published: 12th Mar 2018

The South West is most famous for its stunning scenery, but the region is also home to a thriving, deeply passionate manufacturing community.

Mark Amphlett, general manager of Amtek Plastics of Newton Abbott, and a member of The ManufacturerEditorial Advisory Board, flies the flag for a highly productive region.

There is a huge proportion of South West England that is busy manufacturing components from small to large, and in every industry you could possibly imagine.

The manufacturers themselves range from SMEs with only a handful of staff, through to some of the largest and best-known manufacturers in the world.

Here in the South West, we cover almost every single method of production, and the only criticism I can make is that my fellow manufacturers seem to do too good a job of keeping quiet about just how excellent they are, individually and collectively as a manufacturing region.

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