Recycling & Circular Economy

The plastics industry has had a lot of bad press over recent years because plastics are not biodegradable. At Amtek, we are very aware of the environmental impact our business has on the world today and the future world for our children.


A circular economy is a change in mindset from the previous ‘Make / Use / Dispose’ economy. The circular economy is one where we are encouraged to keep a resource for as long as possible and extract the maximum amount of use out of it during its lifespan. Then these products and materials are regenerated and recovered at the end of each service life so they can be reused as the same item or for another use.


How we are reducing our environmental impact

We are being encouraged every day to recycle more at home and in the workplace. This is a vital part of our sustainability and this helps us, as a business, to provide our clients as well as you, the end user, a product that has been given a second chance in life. A proportion of the products we manufacture are produced using recycled material, or ‘re-granulated plastic’. The majority of the products we manufacture are recyclable, therefore, once they have lived their natural life, they can be converted into a material to make the next useful item.


The Plastic Injection Moulding process forms a waste material called 'sprues'. Sprues are the pieces of plastic that are left over after the process is finished. At Amtek, we re-granulate all of our waste material, including the sprues, using a local recycling company. We then re-use this material ourselves. Not only is the recycling good for the environment, we are reducing our carbon footprint by using local companies to provide this service.


Re-granulated plastics can hit a price point that certain virgin material cannot meet, therefore, products that are to be used in industries, such as construction, can be manufactured more competitively.


Our plastic suppliers provide a consistent quality so our clients can rely on us to provide the same high product standard today as we did last year.


Other benefits of using recycled plastics for your product manufacturing:


  • Reduction in Greenhouse Gasses produced by reducing the production of Virgin material
  • Oil Conservation (3-4 Barrels saved per ton)
  • Landfill - saving space
  • Carbon Footprint - dramatically reduced


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