Second Operations

After your product has been manufactured, we can then take things further and provide drilling, ultrasonic welding, assembly, packaging and distribution services to create your finished product ready for its final destination.

So your product has been manufactured and has now come off our conveyor belts – what's next?

Here at Amtek Plastics UK, we have the capability and manpower to finish and add additional components to your manufactured product including print on, drilling and ultrasonic welding plus the ability to assemble and package your products to complete the manufacture of your item. This helps to keep costs down, save time and gives you peace of mind when all of the processes, from start to finish, are all together in one place.


Extra Services We Provide to Clients 

For clients who have used our plastic injection moulding services we also provide a selection of futher services to ensure your end product is consumer ready. Some of our secondary operations include: 


After assembling your products, we can put your completed items onto our shelves for storage, ready for when you need them. Alternatively, we can source your bespoke packaging and place your item in it ready to go out into the marketplace on your behalf. Our distribution facility means we can ship your products to your customers straight from our factory.

This really is a full range service all under-one-roof which is hard to beat. We want you to be able to concentrate on what you are good at and leave the rest to us including the assembly and packaging of your products.


Get in Touch

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about our full plastic injection moulding services including design, manufacture, assembly and packaging.

Second operations with Amtek Plastics UK assembly, packaging and distribution facilities at Amtek sonic welding and drilling facilities at Amtek Socialise with us