Mould Tooling

We have helped many clients from a wide range of industries to design and create their mould tools or transfer their existing tooling to us from overseas or within the UK for plastic injection moulding.

Once your product design has been finalised ready for manufacturing, it is then time to create your plastic injection mould tool. Depending on the requirements of your project, our expert tooling team will design and manufacture the best injection moulds and tools to suit your product design and production requirements. We can also take on existing moulds for new partners.


Our Plastic Injection Mould Tooling Services

Our in-house mould tooling room has been equipped to maintain and repair the complete range of mould tools that we have supplied to our clients. We have complete control over the mould tooling manufacturing process by sourcing from our long-established trusted partners within the UK, Europe and the Far East.

Here at Amtek Plastics UK Ltd, we have created bespoke plastic injection mould tooling for our clients in the medical, construction, automotive, security, agriculture and personal care industries to name a few.

Please get in touch with our team to find out more about our plastic injection mould tooling services.



What is Mould Tooling? 

Mould tooling is the creation of bespoke moulds that produce the parts in plastic injection moulding. The moulds consist of both moving and fixed platens which are clamped together at the beginning of the process. Molten plastic is then fed into the clamped mould at a very high pressure. Air is then pumped into the mould to ensure the plastic is uniformly covering the entire mould cavity. The plastic is then cooled and hardened within the mould before the platens release and the mould tool opens. This is a very rapid process.

Typically, these moulds would be constructed from hardened steel due to steel’s strength and hard-wearing properties. The choice of injection mould material depends on the mass production volume. For example, steel moulds are more expensive to construct but they have a longer lifespan which offsets the initial mould tooling costs, therefore, hardened steel moulds are suitable for higher injection moulding production volumes.  At Amtek we tend to steer clear of aluminium moulds as we are set up for quality high volume manufacturing.


Working with Amtek and Reshoring your Mould Tools

Whether you are looking to reshore your manufacturing back to the UK, transfer your injection mould tooling to us or start a new project, here are a few of the reasons why you should use Amtek for your mould tooling:

  • All under one roof – We can design a business’ products; create their injection moulding tools, manufacture their product using plastic injection moulding and assemble and package their product ready for distribution. By keeping it all under one roof you will benefit from complete control and prevent delays and spiralling costs.
  • Confidentiality – we encourage working with Non-Disclosure Agreements as this helps protect both parties. If you have invested your time and money on developing your plastic moulding tools, you want to be reassured that all rights remain yours, and this is what we are here for.
  • Ownership – all the injection mould tools are kept in our factory in South Devon, this means that you have true ownership of your mould. If you want to see it, touch it, or even take it away, you can – it is here in the UK. More importantly, this also means that your intellectual property cannot be used in the black market to produce your product under a different brand or by a different manufacturer.
  • Mould Tool Transfer – We can help you through the entire complex process of transferring your mould tooling to us whether the transfer is occurring within the UK or from overseas.


Get in Touch

Get in touch with our team today if you are looking for a forward-thinking plastic injection tool maker with a wealth of technical experience who will be able to guide you through the entire manufacturing process, we can offer you the solution.

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