Warehousing and Logistics

We have built up a reputation for understanding our clients' requirements, and one thing that has become apparent over the past 15 years is the need for a fast turnaround on products. Lead times from the continent for distribution alone can be anywhere from 2 weeks via Air, which is expensive, to anywhere in the region of 6/8 weeks via Sea, which is the cheaper alternative. Prior to the distribution, the actual manufacturing needs to take place which will take even longer.

Then, what if... your products arrive, but they are not what you expected - poor quality, wrong size, wrong colour... the cycle starts again, another potential delay of 3 months. 

We have invested heavily in our warehousing and distribution facilities to ensure we keep the right stock for the right client. In many cases, for our clients, we are able to dispatch same day, therefore reducing our clients stock holding, and becoming a true trusted partner that can be relied upon. We can also distribute your products straight to your customer so you don’t need to store them.

On top of our warehousing and distribution services we have now set up our MRP system to track minimum stock levels - this means that we will agree with you a minimum quantity of stock you require us to keep for you, say 3 months... our system will raise a flag once your stock drops below the minimum quantity agreed, therefore we are alerted to run more stock to ensure you never run out of your vital components.

Distribution of products with Amtek Plastics Warehousing and distribution services with Amtek Plastics UK Ltd