Q: How do I design a product for manufacture

A: You don’t! This is a very specialist area where a product design agency will be able to guide you through every step you need to make sure your product can actually be made – and made to the right specification


Q: Why is the tooling so expensive?

A: Full hardened steel is not a low cost commodity, and the work involved in cutting steel for the complex design of an injection mould tool takes expensive equipment, skilled personnel and a lot of time


Q: Why does it take so long to get a Fully Hardened Tool made

A: It takes time to get things right! You should usually see first off samples within the first 6/8 weeks – this is the time it takes to design the tool, and design the cavities so that the tool can produce a sample of your item. This first sample, or T1, will not have any texture but it will be a good representation of the item so that it can be tested for fit and function. T2’s will have any modifications that are needed, and T3’s will normally be a good representation of the finished item, to include surface finish and all features ready for you to sign off.


Q: Can I reduce the time it takes to manufacture a tool

A: Yes, there are other methods of tooling for low volume manufacture, but you will always get what you pay for – so the tool life may be 10’s or 100’s of products rather than the hundreds of thousands offered by a fully hardened Injection Mould Tool


Q: Aren’t plastics bad for the environment?

A: Items that are disposed of, rather than recycled, are the biggest issue this planet faces. Plastic carrier bags for example cause a huge amount of Ocean pollution, whereas, most injection moulded items have been designed to be used, repaired or recycled. This recycled plastic can then be re-granulated and used again to make something else.