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Injection Mould Tooling

In-house expertise, advanced technology, and commitment to quality

Mould Tool Manufacture

The mould tool manufacturing process is overseen by our dedicated teams to guarantee that it meets the precise requirements of each project.


From the injection moulding tool design phase through to production, every step is carefully managed to ensure that the project remains on schedule and within the established budget.


We understand the importance of transparency and communication, which is why we keep our customers informed about progress at every stage. This includes detailed updates and access to the complete schedule for the tool's build, trialling, and validation phases.


By providing this level of insight and involvement, we ensure that our customers are confident and satisfied with the process, knowing that their specific needs and expectations are being met at every turn.

Injection moulding tools and mould tooling with Amtek Plastics

We work closely with our customers to determine the most suitable mould tooling specifications tailored to the unique demands of each product and project. This includes detailed mould tool considerations such as different cavitation levels, the hardness of steels, and the choice between hot or cold runners.


We offer various levels of injection tooling to ensure a perfect match for different production needs and budget constraints. 

Specification Of Tooling

plastic injection mould tooling with plastic injection tool maker, Amtek Plastics

This collaborative process involves detailed evaluations of design elements, specifications, and materials, addressing and agreeing on key elements of the mould tool design before moving to the GA stage, including mould flow analysis, split lines and gate positions, ejection methods etc. By integrating customer feedback and leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we ensure that the final injection mould tool design is not only manufacturable but also optimized for performance and quality.

Design For Manufacture

: injection moulding moulds with amtek plastics UK ltd

A critical part of the process is the meticulous review of the mould tool design by our team, leveraging our experience and expertise. We ensure that every detail aligns with the component and project requirements, identifying and resolving potential issues before production begins. This thorough review process also integrates efficiencies into the design to ensure target cycle times and mould life is achievable. By refining and perfecting the tool design, we guarantee that the tooling meets our high standards of quality and functionality, ensuring successful and efficient production.

Tool GA Review

plastic injection tooling with Amtek Plastics UK
plastic moulding tools and plastic injection tool maker

Tool Trial And Validation

Mould tooling is the creation of bespoke moulds that produce the parts in plastic injection moulding. The moulds consist of both moving and fixed platens which are clamped together at the beginning of the process. Molten plastic is then fed into the clamped mould at a very high pressure. Air is then pumped into the mould to ensure the plastic is uniformly covering the entire mould cavity. The plastic is then cooled and hardened within the mould before the platens release and the mould tool opens. This is a very rapid process.

Typically, these moulds would be constructed from hardened steel due to steel’s strength and hard-wearing properties. The choice of injection mould material depends on the mass production volume. For example, steel moulds are more expensive to construct but they have a longer lifespan which offsets the initial mould tooling costs, therefore, hardened steel moulds are suitable for higher injection moulding production volumes.  At Amtek we tend to steer clear of aluminium moulds as we are set up for quality high volume manufacturing.

Plastic injection mould tools with Amtek Plastics UK
injection moulded mould tools

UK Mould Tool Trial

Working closely with you throughout the process, from initial design consultations to final production. Amtek utilizes UK, European and Chinese tool manufacturers, ensuring flexibility and cost-effectiveness for your project.

Initial Production

While injection mould tooling can be a significant investment for businesses, our expertise and efficiency in mould design and manufacturing can help optimize production processes and minimize waste, ultimately saving clients time and money. Allowing us to continue to offer competitive pricing and cost-effective solutions

Support & Maintenance

Supported throughout the tooling process with a tailormade scheduling, regular updates, and a dedicated project team, from initial design to production and beyond.  You can rest assured that you are working with a business who is committed to your success.

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