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ultrasonic welding services with Amtek Plastics UK

Our Ultrasonic Welding Services

Ultrasonic welding is a great process which creates strong and very neat weld seams without the use of solvents, adhesives or external heat. It is a very popular choice for joining plastic injection moulded parts together to create a strong finished product, which is why as a plastic injection moulding company we have chosen to specialise in this welding technique.

Our ultrasonic plastic welding facilities include 4 ultrasonic welding machines. Three of our machines have a 1500-Watt capacity and our newest ultrasonic welding machine has a capacity to 4000 Watts which allows us to weld large areas requiring high power.

If you are looking to create a product made up of various plastic injection moulded parts then ultrasonic welding could be a really good option.

After your product has been manufactured we offer a wide range of secondary operations including drilling, ultrasonic welding, assembly, packaging and distribution services to create your finished product ready for its final destination.

Secondary Operations

ultrasonic welding process and machine

Our team of expert technicians are skilled in creating neat and strong welds using ultrasonic welding. 

Skilled Technicians

The ultrasonic welding process and ultrasonic welding services

Whether it is individually bagged items, individual boxes or packs of boxes wrapped onto pallets, we have the materials, skills, space and ability to send your finished goods out however you need them to go.

Assembly and Packaging

ultrasonic welding services and facilities with Amtek Plastics UK
Ultrasonic welding plastic machine

All under one roof

We can design a business’ products; create their injection moulding tools, manufacture their product using plastic injection moulding and assemble and package their product ready for distribution. Benefit from complete control and prevent delays and spiralling costs by keeping it all under one roof.

Confidentiality & Ownership

We encourage working with Non-Disclosure Agreements as this helps protect both parties. If you have invested your time and money on developing your plastic moulding tools, you want to be reassured that all rights remain yours, and this is what we are here for. 

All injection mould tools are kept in our factory in South Devon, this means that you have true ownership of your mould. If you want to see it, touch it, or even take it away, you can. This means that your intellectual property is safe.

Mould tool transfer

We can help you through the entire complex process of transferring your mould tooling to us whether the transfer is occurring within the UK or from overseas. We will make sure any manufacturing downtime during the transfer is kept to a minimum. Communication is vital at every stage. We are a team of enthusiastic professionals who want to provide a seamless service from start to finish. We want to become a true partner for your business, not simply a supplier.

Ultrasonic welding plastic services with Amtek Plastics UK

What is Ultrasonic Welding?

The ultrasonic welding process uses high-frequency sound waves and pressure to bond plastics together to create a fully assembled product. The high frequency vibrations generate heat energy between the two parts which causes the materials to melt and bond with each other. This creates a very strong weld between the two pieces of plastic once cooled.

Ultrasonic assembly is widely accepted and is used in many industries including: automotive, medical, electrical and electronic, communications, appliance, consumer products, toys, textile and packaging. Plastic ultrasonic welding is an economical process that can significantly increase production and lower assembly costs.

ultrasonic welding plastics and services with Amtek Plastics

Ultrasonic Welding Advantages

There are many advantages to using ultrasonic welding for your plastic product assembly. It is a fast, clean, efficient and repeatable process that produces strong, integral bonds between plastic parts whilst consuming very little energy. Other advantages include:

No solvents, adhesives, mechanical fasteners or external heat is required.


The finished welded assembly is very strong and clean.


Great for assembling difficult materials.


Part assemblies are cycled quickly, the energy transferred to the joint is released as heat very rapidly and is confined to the immediate joint area. The rapid dissipation of heat makes the ultrasonic welding process considerably faster than other methods of assembly.


An ultrasonic assembly system’s tooling and/or application can be quickly changed. This offers flexibility and versatility not found in many other assembly processes.


The relatively low-cost investment in ultrasonic welding equipment vs. its high reliability, long life, and consistent, repeatable performance, makes ultrasonic welding the preferred method of assembly.

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