Trade Tooling Service

With our years of experience providing high quality mould tools for our clients, we have decided to offer our mould tooling services to our colleagues within the injection moulding industry as a ‘Trade Only’ service.

We understand that many of the larger injection moulding companies in the UK can manufacture or source tooling themselves; however, we are aware that some smaller injection moulders may not have the time or inclination to source the tooling themselves. Therefore, we now offer a complete trade mould tooling service from designing to sourcing the right tool to suit your requirements and budget.

The way that Amtek Plastics UK is set up enables us to offer something different – we have a dedicated team of Tooling Project Managers whose responsibility it is to manage your tooling project from start to finish. Our project management systems will provide you with a weekly update on the progress of your tooling project along with having a dedicated contact on the other end of the phone – we understand how important communication is!

We are here to support your business through every stage of the tooling cycle, from the moment your samples are being trialled through T1 stage to the final mould tool. We offer H13 Hardened Steel as a standard tooling material - we tend to keep away from P20 as the price variation is so minimal.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your projects, therefore, we would like to actively encourage you to download our standard Non-Disclosure Agreement before talking to us. Trust is vital for us, and we have built up a great reputation within our industry, and we strive to be as ethical as possible in every aspect of what we do.


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